Multipurpose Sensor status as enabler of routine or app

First post, but I’ve google the forum extensively to no avail… I’m trying to use a multipurpose sensor as an enabler for the “Gentle Wake Up” Routine.

I understand how to use Gently wake up automatically via smartapp and as a device in an automation routine, but what I’d like to do is use a multipurpose sensor similar to prevent it from working. This way, if I have the day off of work, I can disable the routine simply by opening the switch, which I’d leave on my nightstand.

What I am not finding is a way to have smartthings check the status of a switch before deciding to take an action.

I am confident that I could create a house mode for this but that is a bad solution because it would potentially override other modes which also have automation actions.


You can definitely do it, but it’s not part of the official features. See the following FAQ (this is a clickable link)