Multipurpose Sensor Standby/sleep when hub is disconnected?

If I was to disconnect my Aeotec v3 hub from the internet for say 1-2 days or so then turn it back on would the multipurpose sensor reconnect automatically and start working or would I have to reset/reinsert batteries to wake it? Does the Multipurpose sensor stay in a low power ready to reconnect state when hub has no internet? And for how long? Thanks guys

Zwave and zigbee devices are fine when the hub goes offline, they should automatically reconnect when the hub comes back on power.

The only exception is if you have disabled “zigbee secure rejoin“ and you have some Zigbee devices which use a lower level of security.

Aeotec has several different multi sensors, some Z wave, some Zigbee, and you didn’t give the model number, but typically it’s not a problem with that brand. :thinking:

Remember that unlike WiFi, neither Zigbee nor Z wave have a continuous connection to the network. They just check in from time to time. So it doesn’t matter how long the hub is offline, The end devices will just keep trying to check in from time to time until they run out of battery. :sunglasses: