Multipurpose Sensor - Push Notifications

How do I receive push notifications for the multipurpose sensor? I am an iPhone owner, and currently, I am not familiar with how to receive push notifications on the lock screen or the home screen when outside of the app. I can receive push notifications just fine with the motion sensor device. I am sure it is something little I am not doing.

There are many different ways to get it to trigger alerts.

Have you set smart home monitor up yet? You can set it to alert you if the door is opened while ST is in certain modes.

There’s also many smart apps that can notify you when things happen

Under Marketplace -> Smart Apps -> Safety and Security check out notify me when

This is handled by the SmartApp you are using. Depending upon your application, Smart Lighting or Rule Machine may meet your need. If not, or if you just prefer to continue using the one you currently have, it can be modified to include push capability.