Multipurpose sensor: how to setup to only report during set times

I have purchased several Samsung multipurpose sensors that I use to monitor doors opening/closing. I only want to get alerts during set times (9pm-6 am) Any suggestions on how to set this up? I have a smartthings hub.
Currently my sensors report all door openings and closing. Also is there any way to get Amazon Alexa to voice that a door has opened?
Thank you for your help

I think you likely want to be notified of open/close during certain times… reporting will always be happening in the background. In other words, the sensors will always be doing their job, and reporting what it senses back to SmartThings. SmartThings will then (based on your settings) inform you, or not.

You’d accomplish what you want with a standard “routine”. Look in ST app -> Automation -> Routines. It should be pretty intuitive for something simple like what you’re looking to do.

You are correct I only want to be notified about open/close of doors during certain times. You would think something like this would be easy to set up but I only see the ability to setup days of the week and NOT Time of day settings.

Ugh, I did a step by step for you but accidentally did it for a motion sensor rather than a contact sensor. Can’t do it now but will try to get back to this later if I can