Multipurpose Sensor for garage door

I am using my STS-MLT-250 on my garage door to monitor door position (axis?) and temperature. When I first installed it some years ago it worked perfectly. Since then, the battery died and I recently replaced the battery to get it working again. Now, it monitors temperature okay, but not door orientation. It shows the contact sensor as ‘open’ because I’m not using the magnet. Yes, I have the setting set for ‘garage door’.

How do I disable the contact sensor and enable the position sensor?


I just had this very problem today for no apparent reason. My automation notified me that the door had been open for an hour, which it was not.

The solution is in “Settings” for the device. “Use on garage door” must be set to “Yes”. But when I touched the Yes button the No just went out - it didn’t change to Yes. After removing and re-adding the sensor at least four times, and then checking to see if there is an updated version of the app and seeking app support (nope), I accidentally discovered that if touch “Yes” FOUR times, it will finally activate the garage door function. Then it behaves as expected as the door lifts and closes, without a magnet.

I was ready to start scraping sensors off of all my doors and hurling them into the street. Now I don’t feel quite so much like that, but I am still disappointed in the lack of troubleshooting assistance.