Multiple voice notifications on 1 trigger issue?

Currently when I go down stairs in the morning the first motion triggers a Morning Weather voice notification which I really like. This morning, Tuesday is trash day and I forgot to roll out the trash. So, I decided to add a voice reminder to take out the trash on Tuesdays using Notify with Sound. In my activity log I see both messages, Notify with Sound first, followed by Morning Weather. Apparently, the first message is not completed, sometimes not even started, before the weather message begins. Is there a way to buffer the message, or is this an opportunity to use a community app and/or CORE?


Edit: I believe I put this in the wrong sub category…

This subcategory is fine, but if you want to specifically ask about core you can also ask in the core peer Assistance thread. :sunglasses:

Thank you.

With all of your wisdom, do you know a way to do it outside of CORE or community apps?

I haven’t done anything with voice notifications myself because I don’t have any of those devices.

@bamarayne or @MichaelS might be able to say more.

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Personally, I would set up a piston in CoRE that is triggered via motion. That piston would trigger an askAlexa macro that would play my weather and my flash briefing.

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Ok, I’ll start reading up on what’s available. I don’t have an Echo, using Samsung R1 as a notifications speaker…so still look at the Alexa option?

Actually yes. You can use the app for all kinds of things and you can configure it to be triggered via a CoRE piston.

CoRE is definitely the most flexible, all encompassing way to go, but you could also use multiple instances of Speaker Notify with Sound. Set up each instance with the desired trigger and change the Action/Speaker to whatever you want. One issue with Speaker Notify with Sound is the notifications may walk on top of each other if they’re within hearing distance. The Speaker Notify with Sound SmartApp will allow you to schedule a specific time, but not a “wait” period like in CoRE. Speaker Notify with Sound is a SmartThings app (i.e., not CoRE or a community app) in the SmartThings MarketPlace.

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I have only one speaker and when I send it back to back messages, especially with TTS, the first one gets truncated by the second one. From what I’ve been able to find, I agree that CoRE is the best solution. Just wanted to make sure I wasnt missing an option/trick somewhere.

Whether Samsung/ST realizes it or not this “community” is a driving force in their product offering.

Thanks to all!