Multiple tablets - with room relative focus

Hi all,
Just starting on my ST journey … will be starting small, couple of sensors etc to start with and building from there … Ultimate goal will be with Action Tiles on multiple tablets dotted around the house, with each tablet having a “focus” relevant to the room. IE - a tablet in the kitchen will have “kitchen stuff” as the default on it, ie fridge temp, kitchen room temp, kitchen windows open/closed etc. A tablet in the hallway would be a sort of “master” with an overall view of the house.

Any guidance / issues with something like this before I get starting and invest time on money thats not going to work ?


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Exactly how I have mines setup.

At the bottom of each “Focus Screen” or Panels in ActionTiles, there is an “Explore Panels” shortcut that I created. The Explore Panels shortcut is a Panel that has all of the Panels listed in it as Tiles. No matter what tablet you are on, or browser, you can get to the screen of any of the Panels just by Exploring Panels.

Here’s Some Examples. Notice each Panel has Explore Panels at the Bottom Right. Aslo, I have a couple of “Master Controllers” in both the downstairs and upstairs hallways. I have them setup in a way where it is really easy to get a glimps of whats going on and not necessarily drill down control like the Study Room Controller below.

Upstairs Hallway: Notice the Study Room Tile? If any of the devices are on in the Study Room, then the tile will be Blue. If is is Blue, then tapping it will turn off EVERYTHING in the Study Room!

I can quickly see that no one is upstairs because none of the rooms are on and the temps are hot! Once the “Follow Me” kicks in, the set points drop and cools off the occupied spaces.

Main Panel for my Study:

Cropped View of Explore Panels Screen:

Each one of those takes you to another section of my ActionTiles setup.

To Drill Down even further, I can go to specific devices such as this:

I am sure there are thousands of ways to set yours up. This is just an example of how flexible ActionTiles is.

Pretty Slick!


Sounds like an exciting project! :sunglasses: You can get an idea of what other people have done by taking a look at the hardware thread for dashboard projects. People tend to post a lot of pictures there and you can see how they organized their dashboards.

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Your vision is similar to what I have in my home too. I use my own tablet app but ActionTiles is the standard around here. My only guidance to you is to share your idea now with anyone else who lives in your house with you to get their buy in. Implementation will require physical work on the walls to install wireless chargers plus the design of icons should reflect the wishes of all occupants. My wife hated my first implementation so I got sent back to the showers (this by the way is what caused HousePanel to be born - but that is a story for another day). Building out your sensors will be costly too so having some buyin early will help there too. Finally, it would be sad if you did all the work and nobody used the panels. Make sure people want them instead of voice or button controllers. In my home voice Alexa boxes and a few button controllers sprinkled around are the main UI and my two wall tablets almost never get used. They have turned into dog sitter instruments mainly so I have tailored them to the functions the dog sitters need the most. My point is start with knowing the human centered need and design from there.

Have fun with it!!!

(Edit - here is one of my tablets on the wall)