Multiple Switch wiring help

I’m trying to install multiple switches which will control 1 light so I have a master switch(12729) and 3 add on switches(12728). I’ve installed one of these on a single switch but I’m slightly confused with how I should wire this up. My understanding is I just need to wire a travel and neutral wire to all the add on switches and ignore the black wire. I understand this piece but I have yet to find a diagram which matches my master light switch layout.

In the master switch, I have 3 sets of wires coming in. 2 with 3 wires and another with just 2. If the 2 wires are the line wires, how do I hook up these other two wires to the light switch? Usually the load would only have 2 wires which would make this simple but since the other two both have 2 wires, I’m not sure how to hook them up. The other boxes seem to match other diagrams I’ve seen so they are fine.