Multiple Switch Control

I’m new to Smartthings, and I’m struggling with multiple switch control. I have 2 z-wave switches controlling lights in my family room. I want to be able to control them both together and separately. I created a virtual switch, and I’m using a smart app (smart lighting) to control the 2 switches. It works, but if one of the switches is already on, it won’t shut off from the virtual switch. It’s as if the virtual switch doesn’t know it’s on, and therefore won’t send the off signal.

I found and tried to install The Big Switch using IDE, but I can’t locate it from the Smart App. I’m lost and could use some help.

If a virtual switch is off, you won’t be able to send it the off signal and vice versa.

Since you want to control them independently and also together, you may be better off creating two routines (one on and one off) that controls both switches. That way you can control the switches separately as normal and execute the off or on routine if you want them to be controlled together.

There is also trend setter app - you can create group of lights, switches, etc and control the group from your Things … I use it to control color light bulbs as a group, and then you can control them individually - don’t need routines for that, just acts as another Thing - [RELEASE] Trend Setter

Thanks. I understand my current issue, and I will look into the other two solutions.

Hey guys. I’m pretty new to ST so sorry if this is a dumb question.

I setup a routine to turn off all my downstairs lights and music by the double press (button control) of my homeseer switch or by my virtual switch that I control through voice command with Alexa. I have another homeseer switch on the way and I want both of my homeseer switches to activate the same routine.

In the routine section “Automatically perform xx when…” I don’t see a way to have more then one button associated? I want to have multiple buttons controlling one routine.