Multiple Smartthings Hubs with Multiple Harmony Hubs

A little different twist on an old topic. I have run into a problem that I can only link harmony hub with 1 smartthings hub. So the scenario I have I have 2 homes (mine and my son’s) with a smartthings hub and harmony hub in each. Due to complexity with smartthings I just set it up on my phone which forces me to use the same account, but then setup harmony using a different account. When I went in to the harmony app at my son’s house to connect it to the smartthings hub it worked, but it repointed my home harmony hub to his smarthings hub. I can’t seem to point one hub to one smartthings hub and a different harmony hub to a different even with different harmony accounts. Obviously it would work with different smartthings account and a different harmony account but hoping there is away to make the current scenario work (multiple harmony accounts, 1 smartthings account (with multiple smartthings hubs).

Building off of this scenario for maybe a more realistic scenario for some of you, what if you had a different smartthings hub for your theatre room to optimize connectivity due to concrete, etc. … in the scenario I mentioned you would not be able to have a harmony hub in the theatre room work with the theatre room smartthings hub and also have a pairing in your bedroom … Smartthings app doesn’t allow you to login with different ID’s on a samsung phone.

There’s going to be a one-to-one account link for these and that’s tough to avoid, especially for a legacy Groovy SmartApp such as Logitech Harmony.

In the scenario you describe with the theatre, you’d just have two Harmony Hubs on the same Harmony Account and those would load in fine to one SmartThings location. I only have one Harmony Hub on my home location, but I’ve observed customers use more than one Harmony on a given location. Where you are encountering issues is that you only have one Samsung/SmartThings Acccount, yet have two Harmony Accounts.

I would recommend creating a different Samsung/SmartThings Account for the other location, as I don’t foresee this changing for Logitech Harmony.

Thx. In the home theatre room scenario it would have to have 2 smartthigns hubs and 2 harmony hubs … reason is the theatre room is too isolated from the rest of the z-wave network due to thick concrete. But in this scenario I could not make it work without 2 smartthing accounts (which would also require me to have 2 different phone devices due to the aforementioned smartthings logout limitation).

The Hub is not what matters here, although I can understand where that confusion is coming from. Your Harmony has no direct association to your SmartThings Hub. Generally speaking, there is a 1-1 association between Hub and Location, but you can add more than one SmartThings Hub to a Location. Most people just don’t, since it’s not generally necessary.

The issue here is still going to be accounts - for both SmartThings and Harmony. You’ll need to have 2 SmartThings and 2 Harmony, or combine Harmony all into one like you do SmartThings.

But even in a single Harmony account scenario, it cannot connect to 2 smartthings hubs … it forces you to pick one. And unless I am missing something (which is certainly possible) the smartthings hub you connect to for one Harmony hub takes effect for the other harmony hubs on the same account.

The first step after logging in when trying to connect from Harmony to Smartthings is to select a Hub (only 1). And that setting seems to apply at the Harmony account level not at the hub level.

A screenshot of what you’re seeing might help, if you have one handy. I think there’s some confusion still, but not sure exactly where.

Harmony App -> Menu -> Harmony Setup -> Add/Edit Devices & Activities -> Devices -> SmartThings -> Re-Login

This takes you to the Authorization Screen (screen snapshot below), where you can only select a single smartthings hub from a list of hubs.

This is from the context of having the most recent harmony hub selected in the app; however if I go through the setup again for a different hub, it changes it for the other harmony hubs on the same account.

Yep, okay I understand now. So this is you linking Harmony to SmartThings, not the other way around. Some integrations are two ways, most are one way integrations. Harmony is a somewhat rare example of a two way integration.

All this will do is bring your SmartThings devices into Harmony (which can be nice depending on use case), but it isn’t going to bring your Harmony devices into SmartThings. This is why you are seeing the single Hub (which is most likely just a way of associating to a single Location).

Thx, yes, the reason for pulling Smartthings into the Harmony setup is so that I can control lightings (turn off room lights, turn the lamp on low, etc. when I start a Harmony activity from my Harmony remote.

But unfortunately it is limited to access to a single Smartthings hub for all of your harmony hubs on the same account.

Thanks for confirming.

On a related topic, any way around the limitation of only being able to use a single smartthings account on a samsung phone (ex. no way to log out or change the account unless I change the whole phone account)?

No there is not.

Thx. And thx for the quick responses.