Multiple random active/inactive triggers from the same ST Motion Sensor

I’ve noticed that a light I have under my bed that’s being turned on by a motion sensor turns on and off late at night at random without any movement being in the room. I checked the log tonight and noticed that the motion sensor was spitting out active/inactive triggers like crazy. See logs:

Any clues as to what might be going on here?

@trymbill, I’d rejoin the device for safe measure. No need to remove it, just start the Connect New Device process, remove the battery, wait about 5 seconds, press and hold the white button while inserting the battery, and as soon as the LED turns orange release the button. If you check your hub’s event log you’ll see the associated events for what you just did.


Where’s the motion sensor placed? I had a situation where a motion sensor (older PEQ) was facing a glass block window with an impressed design intended for privacy, but it totally freaked out the sensor and I had to move it away from in front of the window.

Is there air movement in front of the sensor? Temperature changes can trip the sensor too.

So I rejoined the device and moved it a bit closer to the hub (it’s about
15ft from another motion sensor that works fine), unplugged and removed the
batteries from the hub and waited a few minutes until I plugged it back in
(to reset the zigbee network) and it’s worked fine about 2 weeks until
today. Started behaving the same way as before, looks like it freezes up on
"active" and then randomly goes back and forth from inactive to active a
few times (triggering a light to turn on and off a bunch of times during
the night) until it’s back to normal.

Anything else I can try to debug this?