Multiple Mode Selection Issue!

Hi All!

I have written this smart app for my doorbell, which triggers different push notifications if my door bell is rung, based on whether I am in Home Mode or Away Mode. When selecting “Away Mode” I have set the selection to multiple, so that I can have the “Away” mode push sent in “Away” mode and “Vacation” mode. However, I the app fails to execute the “Away” mode when I provide multile inputs for mode - The moment I change the code to provide just one input, it works fine. Below is the code… How do I change it for it to check for multiple modes (in my case “Away” and “Vacation”), and trigger events accordingly.

preferences {
section(“When door bell is rung…”) {
input “contact1”, “capability.contactSensor”, title: “Where?”
section(“Send this push notification (when at home)”){
input “message2”, “text”, title: “Message Text”, required: true, description:“Tap Here to Enter”
section(“And if everyone is away - Choose Mode for Away…”) {
input “AwayMode”,“mode”, title: “Away Mode”, multiple: true
section(“Then turn these lights ON…”) {
input “switches”, “capability.switch”,title: “Choose Lights…”, multiple: true
section(“Keep Lights on for these many minutes”){
input “onTime”, “number”, title: “Minutes?”,description:“Tap Here to Enter”
section(“When no one at home, send this push notification”){
input “message1”, “text”, title: “Message Text”, required: true,multiple: true, description:“Tap Here to Enter”

def installed()
subscribe(contact1, “”, contactOpenHandler)


def updated()
subscribe(contact1, “”, contactOpenHandler)


def contactOpenHandler(evt) {
log.trace "$evt.value: $evt, $settings"
log.debug “$contact1 was opened, texting $phone1”

if(location.mode == AwayMode) {
log.debug "Mode is Away"
def msg1 = message1
sendPush msg1
log.debug "Away mode Push Sent.."
else {
def msg2 = message2
sendPush msg2
log.debug "In Home Push sent.."


def turnon() {
log.debug "Lights have been turned ON"
runIn(onTime*60, “turnoff”)

def turnoff() {
log.debug "Lights turned off"

if(location.mode in AwayMode) …

AwayMode is an array, since it is multiple:true (might make sense to call it AwayModes), so we just want to see if location.mode is one of the elements.

“AwayMode” is just a variable, and yes it will make sense to call is “Awaymodes”, But by changing the variable name, how will it affect the behavior of the code?

Has nothing to do with the variable name. It has to do with how you selected it. When you use multiple:true you are selecting more than one item, and those items end up in an array variable, not a simple scalar variable.

So, if you had said multiple:false, only a single mode would be selected, and it would be tested with “==”. But with multiple:true, you get an array, and the test is “in” instead of “==”.

OK got it…Let me try that…

@bravenel Thanks a lot…I did nt realize that it would be an array. It works great now. Thanks for your help!

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