Multiple Lutron Hub Integration

I’ve recently been asked to set up some Lutron equipment for my roomates. Because I don’t really trust them and it’s a large area, I’ve gotten a separate hub and Lutron account for the new setup. That being said, I would like it if I could tie in those lights etc into my existing Smartthings account so I could control them without toggling lutron apps on my phone. I know official support is for only one account, and the unofficial integration isn’t an option as I already have that running to enable Pico remotes in Smartthings. I’m wondering though if there’s some other hub or service I can add the new Lutron account to that would in turn allow me access in Smartthings. I had been hoping simply adding them to my Google Home account would do it, however devices seem only discoverable one way (Smartthings —> Google, and not the other way). Could IFTTT or Harmony or some other service fill the gap?