Multiple locations with Apple Watch

I have two hubs Work and Home. Will apple watch app let me control both of them? The app does, it’s a little clunky to have to switch between them. I wish I could have one dashboard with stuff from each but at least I can access both. Does the watch app work pretty much the same way?

My apple watch shows what’s in my Routines Tab under Automation so if you an get the stuff you want to control in there it should work.

I don’t understand how this answers my question. Do you have multiple hubs and can see automations from both?

If so that is perfect I have stuff I want access in routines or could add them.

Also are any of the third party control options available in Watch. SmartRules, Tiles etc

I don’t get my watch until mid Oct. so just preparing for when I do.

The watch sees what the phone sees so if on your iPhone ST app under Automation, Routines you can see both hub routines then the watch should also.

@MANOWAR do you have two locations configured on your smart things account? If not I don’t think you can really answer my question. On the phone, routines tab shows the routines of the selected location. It does not show routines from both at same time. I have to select hamburger (more) tab on the right and then select work or home drop down on top to select my location and then switch back to automations tab. However on the phone widget I can select routines from both locations and they display at the same time in the widget. So I am trying to find out …

  1. on watch does it display only 1 location or both?
  2. if it displays only one then is it possible to switch locations?
  3. if not then how does it decide which location to display?

I guess I will figure this all out when I get the watch :nerd_face:

I see what you mean now. No, I only have one location. I don’t think the watch will get you switch between them but it will probably show which ever one is being using on the phone at that time.

That would be terrible. It would mean I have to go get my phone, open the app, switch location…at this point I might as well use the phone. Renders watch useless unless I get lucky and the correct location for what I need to do is currently set. I don’t think I would even bother checking because I would get frustrated every time it was set to the wrong one. I really hope it works like the widget and lets you put them together.

If it only displays one I would prefer it be the one I select, then at least I would know it is fixed to home or work and just use it for one. If it flips based on the phone and can’t be switched it really is useless.

Do you have the Series 3 LTE? That is what I am getting and when the watch is on it’s own you would have no way to switch locations at all. For that phone the app really needs to be much more full featured. I am betting this will be true for many of the apps.

I have already read that Siri on the LTE watch tells you it can’t perform many functions but you can ask on the phone. For example on the watch you can add items to shopping list but you can’t have your list read to you.

EDIT: Found the correct answer. You can switch locations on the watch.

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haha. I never even tried the long press. Smart idea on their part.