Multiple Issues with ST integrations and devices (June 2021)

Well, whatever was broken with ST seems to be a lot better. With the exception of my TCC thermostats everything is back to normal. Performance is once again snappy and all my devices are responding to the app and to my Webcore routines. The August lock integration problem (detailed elsewhere) is also resolved which is excellent.

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I tried the IDE reboot because my zigbee switches have stopped responding as well I haven’t tried a physical power cycling and I’m not home right now to be able to try that I hope that that fixes the problem as it has for some of you but for those that have posted indicating they were still having issues as of the last post are you still having issues or what did you do to resolve?

None of my Zigbee devices work either. I am able to monitor the Zigbee devices in ST. But, I cannot control them (turn them on/off).

Read my other reply to your other post. The app upgrade changes this reply :slight_smile:

In the last two days I’m having massive issues of about half of my devices showing up as offline and irregularly responding to commands and updating status. Many of the devices with issues are plug in switched plugs or wall switches that act as repeaters (mostly zwave for switches and the combo zigbee/zwave plugs).

It’s so bad I’m trying to do a zwave repair and lots of devices can’t update the mesh. Ugh! Haven’t (probably should have) tried a hard unplug/reboot of the hub yet.

What just happened is that Samsung made changes to its platform, either without properly testing the impact on existing use-cases or without caring. Either way, not good.

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Same - can’t even find Z-Wave repair in the new new app design - but since updating everything is broken and for the first time in 3 years i’ve not been getting hot water over night!!

Tap on the Devices tab, locate and open your hub, click on the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen, choose z-wave utilities

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I can’t even open the hub in the app at the moment, everything i’m opening is just spinning and timing out.

I’ve tried two hard power resets and a reboot in the IDE but nothing is working

Same thing here. Hoping this morning things would finally work, but like other posts, just spinning. When attempting to choose z-wave utilities, app crashes. Of course uninstall/reinstall/reboot, all tried and no help. App sees light is online, but just spins when presses until it times out. EDIT: After another reboot, lights seem to be working correctly again this morning. Z-Wave utilities still crashes app, “Smartthings has stopped”.

same here z-wave shows online but no controle in app(other devices slow and laggy) the other thing i noticed my hub no longer blinks green when in pairing mode. I cant pair new or repair old devices.

I hope this is temporary but it’s not the first time in the last few days. Ironically i’ve had a new hot water cylinder fitted so obviously went to blame that for not having hot water twice for the first times in 4+ years, but alas it’s SmartThings.

I hope this comes back up soon - starting to think I should double switch my hot water tank and have something else control the first switch which is always on unless SmartThings goes down - although monitoring that is difficult at best.

Dealing with a full-on meltdown after the June update was pushed. My Smartthings hub dropped off my Eero Mesh network and I can’t figure out how to re-add it, so nothing is responding to turn on/turn off prompts. Hoping I don’t need to do a factory reset and the need to run a zwave exclusion, deletion and re-add on all my devices. Really getting tired of how clunky these upgrades go!

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Things certainly have been hit and miss over the weekend. Yesterday afternoon was particularly bad with nothing working. Things seem better today but my hub reported itself as being off the network but remains accessible and routines are working.

As others have said, there’s been a wholly inadequate amount of testing for this new release. I am not sure whether Samsung underestimates the number of users who rely on ST for their home ecosystems but persistent issues like these really do encourage people to start looking elsewhere!

Thanks! The Zwave repair resolved my issues with turning on/off my Peanut smart plugs and Ikea lightbulbs!

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You are the second person today who reported using z-wave repair to restore use of their zigbee devices. Most likely, z-wave repair is causing the app to sync to the cloud and restore connectivity :slight_smile:

Not sure if ST has resolved all their platform issues yet.

Hi @jkp, thanks for the z-wave repair suggestion. It also worked for me. All my ZigBee lights weren’t responding for past 2 days now. Leaving the hub unplugged for 30min was a temporary fix, but went back to not responding. After doing the z-wave repair yesterday, all is working again!

Any idea how to get a full list of SmartApps that were installed prior and now arent? ActionTiles? WebCoRE etc… – so where are the SmartApps actually listed – i must be blind :slight_smile: also how do i enable dev mode?

All smartapps you had installed before the app update should still be available. Can you provide more details?

Two things…
Uninstall/reinstall the app
Enable developer mode on the app.

Also… smartapps are listed in the Automations section now

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Brilliant. Thanks. Saved me hours of searches.