Multiple issues Classic app

So starting Sunday night I got home about 2 am and my kitchen ight switch freaked out. The lights started doing repeatedly and the switch it’s self made a clicking sound. Monday I went and bought a new switch and replaced it.

Fast fwd to yesterday. My wife’s bed side lamp is no longer responding. Tonight is the first I’ve had to look at it. In the mean time I’ve also noticed other things are just generally delayed to respond. So I first went into the app to try and "readd"my wife’s lamp as that is something I’ve had to do from time to time. While it was searching for new devices I keep getting “an unexpected error has occurred.” My favorites will not load getting the same error. My home tab would not load either.

So I power cycled the hub. Now my home is loading but the other two screens continue to give me the same above error. Had my wife open her app up and she is getting the same errors. Any help is appreciated.


Thanks friend!

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my Z-wave thermostat not responding to command but updating change in temperature (???) and lock is in constant offline/online mode (???).
What is going with SmartThings?
It’s not any more smart.