Multiple geofence distances with Smartthings?

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I hope this isn’t a duplicate topic, but I haven’t been able to find specific information on this topic. I’m looking to integrate ST native presence detection for both my thermostat and security system. I have ISmartAlarm for security, which is currently armed/disarmed when I turn off/on my street…works great. I have a Sensi Thermostat (using Kirk_Brown’s SmartApp - Thanks!) that I’d like to also geofence, but be based on a larger radius than for my alarm.

For instance, I want my alarm to be triggered shortly after I leave home. However, when I’m coming home I want my thermostat to adjust temperature when I’m further from home (say within 3 miles). If I wait until I truly get home, it’ll won’t be a comfortable temperature for several minutes.

I realize Sensi has native geofencing, but I’d ideally like to only do this on a handful of days during the week, which ST can easily do. If needed, I can do it within Sensi.


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You could do it by sending out multiple presences for yourself based on different location services and then trigger the event you wanted based on which presence you wanted to use for it.

For example, smartthings has an official integration with Life360. I believe it’s possible to use the same phone for both the SmartThings native presence and life 360 presence, but you need to check on that to be sure.

You could definitely use IFTTT location to turn on a virtual presence sensor.

So I feel confident that you should be able to find a way to do it, but you may have to experiment with a couple of different methods to get exactly what you want. :sunglasses:

Oh wow, that was actually simple. I kept the native Smartthings presence for security (and any other home/away triggers) and added a virtual switch that’s set on/off from separate home/away IFTTT location triggers. I didn’t even realize IFTTT had location statements.



@JDRoberts you are the Bomb!

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I use the same method of IFTTT triggers to set switches for ‘other’ geofences. For our vacation house I set an ‘on the way’ switch when we’re about two hours away that fires up the HVAC and the Neato vacuum so the house is comfy and clean when we get there. The normal Smartthings geofence handles home/away chores like turning lights on and off, locking doors, etc. The WAF went up a lot when all of that worked.

If Smartthings handled multiple geofences natively it would be cleaner for sure.