Multiple devices triggering output

A use scenario is an exhaust fan.
The fan needs to run for activity + 5 minutes.
Eg motion in multiple bathrooms, vibration on a clothes drier triggers it. Five minutes after they all stop - turn the fan off.

It’s easy enough to trigger based on a single input - but is there a way that does not involve writing a app to aggregate the devices as a pool, where any one can trigger the event - but all must be clear to turn it off.

I haven’t played around a lot with the new version, but I don’t think there is a way, short of an app, to do this.

It should be possible. They have Smartapps that allow you to turn on a light or switch modes if it’s a certain time, everyone’s gone, there is no motion and a particular switch is off. so…

Yes, there are SmartApps for all sorts of things, and I can only assume that writing an app to do it is possible.

I will write an app to do it later, I just wanted to see if it was possible without my expanding effort writing something else to fill another gap.