Multiple Communication protocals

Hey All,


Can smartthings control multiple comm protocals at once?

So if one uses Lifx as their lights and Zwave for other components i.e motor control will smart things be able to control all? I"m guessing this is standard.

Hopefully Smartthings are speaking with Lifx!

Thank you

I know that Lifx is on SmartThings radar, and that SmartThings is on Lifx radar… so I think there is a good possibility that they are able to get things working between the two.  My understanding is that Lifx is using a common method of communication, one which SmartThings is supposed to support.  However, I suspect that Lifx is using more than common communication commands in order to do things beyond just on/off/dimmed.

Has anyone tested or seen wether KNX as bus-standard is able to communicate with SmartThings? I’d love to use the Hub for Home Automation, but I don’t want single islands for every solution…