Multiple Arlo Hubs-integration with Smartthings

I have been searching online, but have come up empty trying to find a solution to what I am trying to accomplish at home. Our house has a detached garage that is out of range to have all automation under a single hub. I have two smartthings hubs and two arlo hubs. Both arlo hubs are set up under different accounts and share with each other. Both smartthings hubs are set up the same way.

I am having trouble integrating both arlo hubs to the smartthings accounts. Can I link Arlo hub 1 to Smarthings hub 1 and Arlo 2 to Smarthings 2? I am would like be able to set it up so some of the cameras on Arol 1 will trigger lights on smarthings hub 1 and same with Arlo 2 and smarthings 2.

I would imagine this is possible by logging out of one smartthings account and into the other, but I would really like everything to be shared.

Any help would be appreciated.

Have you tried just creating second location under one smarthings/account in the mobile app and then setting up one hub on each location? No need to log out, would just need to switch locations in the app.