Multi Water Valves and Multi Moisture sensor

(Joseph Sarcone) #1

I’m trying for find an application that will allow me to have more control over leaks. Instead of shutdown everything if there is a leak in part of the system, I’m trying to isolate the issue and allow the reset of the system to function as expected.
What I’m trying to do a monitor Leaks in different areas.
Example. I have a pump for the furnace that pumps condensation to a location.
Another moisture sensor to let me know Hot Water is and issue and turn off the water.
Another moisture sensor to let me know if there is a problem with Dishware and turn off another valve.

Is there anything that can accomplish this?



(Brian Diehl) #2

CoRE can do this.

Just create pistons for each location you want targets.

If Leak Sensor A detects a leak, turn off Valve A.
If Leak Sensor B detects a leak, turn off Valve B.

You can also have push notifications and texts sent, lights flash, or whatever else might be needed to get your attention (siren maybe?).

(Brian) #3

I considered doing a location specific set up but decided it was more work than its worth. If there’s water and I kill the main what’s the harm, no matter the location. The only place I would say it makes a difference is with a back up water powered sump pit.