Multi vs. Open:/Close

(T Usere) #1

I feel like I’ve seen references to this before, but can’t remember where and now I’m confused.

Is the open/close sensor the same as the multi? I thought there was an update that said everything was combined into the multi, but it looks like the open/close may be separate (even though the picture is the same). If this is the case, what would be the advantage of a simple open/close over a multi?



(Cory S) #2

They were combined into the same unit. Only advantage I can think of could be that a simple open close sensor may have longer battery life…but they may have just added a bigger battery to compensate for the additional sensors.

(Andrew Urman) #3


(Matt Garfield) #4

Though it would be nice to have a simple Open/Closed sensor if it could be CHEAPER, say $20. That would be a HUGE advantage to the $50 Multi.