Multi virtual homes

to have more than 2 virtual homes to have routine sync
this is to have family in 1 home then the automation in another home this it to hide the automation for everyone and make it neater and stop people messing around with the routines and virtual devices.
so like set it to have only hand full of devices can be on both homes only
I have to do this with Alexa routine and (Simulated Alexa Switch) to fix this
2 different devices if (plug 1 on ) Alexa turn on (plug 2 on) and then the other way round as well and so on it be easier if this was within smartthings

I’m sorry I’m a bit lost as to what you are saying.

Is this something you are doing? Or is it something that you would like it to do?

If I understand things correctly, you are trying to separate out what we might call ‘control’, from what we might call ‘automation’, so the family don’t see things they don’t need to see and can’t accidentally or deliberately mess with them? It seems you have chosen to do this with separate SmartThings Locations and because devices can only be in one Location, and because SmartThings doesn’t offer an easy way of doing cross Location automation you are using Alexa to keep things in sync but would prefer to keep it all within SmartThings?

I am not sure I can suggest much myself. My family are vaguely aware that I have put the SmartThings app on their phones but have no interest in it whatsoever. In one case I have hidden the app to help remove any temptation to remove it. The only reason it is on their phones is for presence sensing, and if Google Home wasn’t so utterly useless at it (and everything else it does) I’d probably use that instead. I also won’t use Routines for anything important. If something is worth doing it is worth keeping it out of the reaches of the Smartthings app. So I haven’t really needed to solve the problem myself as I have largely avoided it.

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yes sorry just to find out if there was a way in ide area

The only way I can think of having the routines / automations detached from the SmartThings app would be to use something like rule engine.

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If we take the use of more than one Location as a given, then I certainly see the appeal of creating automations that work across Locations directly instead of mirroring the state of devices. In that case there isn’t really a native SmartThings solution and SharpTools does rather leap out at you as a ready made solution maintained by someone with an ongoing commitment to the platform.

OK there are options like SASM, which has a slightly uncertain status at the moment, or a self-hosted node.js solution, or full on bespoke, and any of these could also have appeal even for cross Location mirroring as an alternative to Alexa, though if Alexa does the job then why not?

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I agree, if it works don’t fix it. I use because it pulls in everything associated with you SmartThings account from all locations.