Multi switch control

So I have 2 physical switches that control my grill and patio lights. I’ve created a virtual switch and using rule machine or can turn on both lights, or both off. What I can not get it to do is adjust is state if I turn on one of the physical switches. I know rule machine can do that, but I can figure out how to incorporate all of this.
What I want is the virtual switch “yard” to be off if both lights are off, and if turned on it turns both lights on. In addition if either light goes on, it turns the yard switch state to on, so I can turn user it to turn off the lights. Any thoughts

I’ll take a stab at it. If I understood it correctly, this is how I’d do it:

Conditions: [Grill, Patio] any on
Rule: [Grill, Patio] any on
Action for True: On: Yard

So what you state is similar if not the same to what I tried first. Issue is, if I turn on say just the grill lights, then this rule actually turns the yard lights on, which makes them both on. I think what I need is some way to change the state of yard light to on, without it triggering the on action? Does that make sense?

Ah, I see what you mean, just the state. Hmmm

Think of this in real world application… You can’t turn on a light switch and not expect the bulb to come on.

But… I’m sure there is a way around this, and I think it will take multiple rules and multiple virtual switches, which could get messy, or not.

Ok, how does this sound…


Make the virtual switch a toggle switch and have two rules. Also have two toggle switches. (Also called momentary button rules)

One rule turns on both lights and the other turns off both lights.

This allows you to use a toggle switch to turn on both lights at once, or you can turn on each light individually through the app.

If one light is on and you the toggle off, it turns off both lights, instead of one on and one off.

This world work. I’m sure there is a cleaner way to do it, but when you start building it that will probably come to you.

I’ll give this a try. I’m not stuck to rule machine or anything either. I tried the big button but that does function on either on or off, I wonder if modifying to seperatly control those?

Just to make sure I understand correctly…

You have two yard lights (grill and patio) that you want to control individually and as a group.

Are you using the Amazon echo device? That would make this easy.

You can control both lights individually now using the app.

You could set up a rule that has a condition of either light off. You could then have it turn both lights off if either light is off using aVS as the trigger.

But I still think you are going to need two Virtual switches for full control.

One for on and one for off.

Well, your statement of the desired functionality is clear enough, but I don’t think it can be done. I’ve done a few state diagrams in my day, and I’m pretty sure there’s no way to simultaneously have the virtual switch sometimes reflect the combined state of two physical switches and sometimes not reflect their state, which is what you’re positing. You’re trying to have your cake and eat it, too.