Multi Sensor Motion and Contact (Door/Window)

Not finding any answers so I assume what I am looking for is not available - a combined contact and motion sensor? Mainly I was hoping to save some money since I need several and the placement of the contact sensors would work for a motion sensor as well. Does a device like this exist that is also economical?

I see Aeotec has something close that would work for $60 - it has motion & vibration & 4 other sensors but not contact. I assume the vibration would pick up a door opening and closing, but would not let me know if a door is opened or closed.

Yes, that’s correct.

Contact sensors are based on a magnet pulling a fine reed about the size of the needle into position for the closed contact. It’s challenging to have that magnet sitting right next to other sensitive sensors all day long. So it’s just not a combination you see very often in inexpensive models.