Multi Sensor hack

(Robert Crecco) #1

Greetings to all the developers:
I am not a developer, but I just received my Smart Things Hub with a Multi Sensor and a Presence device.
I use the Android App and when I clique on the Multi Sensor icon it opens and I can see orientation data, example -113, -43.1016, which I can see the Multi Sensor is laying flat on
my desk.
So what I’m asking of you developers is it possible to change those numbers and rather showing numbers show the word like"Fall" and when the sensor is vertical show the word " Standing Up".
I have an 80 year old Father and he enjoys working in the basement, but at times he may slip and fall, I want to get notified when the sensor detects “Fall”.

Can this region of the Android App be modified, or can a developer add a layer on the App to add these features.

Regards Robert