Mr Robot and Home Automation

(Eric) #1

Anyone else see season two premiere? And the home automation scenes?

Local control would have prevented this meltdown! :wink:

But thenā€¦hacker control of the home automationā€¦ Oh no!!

Hope others are enjoying this terrific series.


@desertblade shared this elsewhere. The article walks through all the different automation shown in the episode. :sunglasses:

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #3

Meanwhileā€¦ freaky. I just started the first few minutes of this season (DVR) when this Topic appeared. Someone is tracking my DVR usage?

(Greg) #4

I saw it and I couldnā€™t help but laugh when my girlfriend said ā€œI wonder if theyā€™re using SmartThingsā€ :laughing:

(Eric) #5

thats what I was giggling about. Weā€™ve all had our homes do this!

(Realy Living Dream) #6

I was too busy correcting the mistakes in the article. Remote water heater temperature control is actually easy if you have an on demand water heater. I have never tried integrating it with ST, but I have individual controllers . So the water in the sink or shower is 115* where if it is dishwasher or clothes washer ( no risk of scalding a person ) it heats to 130* , if topping off the hot tub it only heats to 105* .