Mr. Cool 3rd Gen Mini Split

Has anyone gotten any integrations going with one of these? I’m pretty sure most of the mini-split brands from China are rebadged versions of a generic. This gen seems to use a different app then the last, on Android its called SmartHVAC. I know its different because after 3 hours trying to get the app the instructions showed, turns out it was a different one because the boys in Kentucky that make and market Mr. Cool never updated the 'structions for the 3rd gen (there words).

I know I could do an IR solution but I really like to be able to see the status and automate things based on other Smartthings sensors.

Thanks in advance

This would be awesome for me as well. I noticed they upgraded the wifi module for the Mr Cool (mine has the previous terrible one) and the new one supports Google Assistant and Alexa already. Hopefully we can get it in Smartthings soon…more automated control over this thing would save me a bunch of money on my electric bill. The thermostat that it comes with only goes from 62-86…not ideal for a garage. If it were in Smartthings, I could put in a smart thermostat that could turn the thing on if it gets below say 50 degrees, then back off once back above 50. If it gets above 62, just turn it on and leave it on. Similar logic for the high side.

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Considering purchasing this for my garage as well. Any luck on the ST integration?

I know this is an older topic, but if you have the Mr. Cool SmartHVAC device in your split system that lets you control the Gen 3 from the phone app, you can use the Cielo Breez integration that exists under Air Conditioning in Smartthings. It seems that Mr Cool uses that platform. Worked flawless for me.

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Just registered to say thanks for pointing it out. Works perfectly for me.

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Just to clarify, it was naively using Cielo, or did you have to go through a Cielo thermostat?

Just got my gen 3 DIY last week, haven’t installed yet.