Moving Home

So I have taken the plunge and ordered 2.0!

I am moving home next week but we want to leave the current 1.0 and various sensors at our current home to keep tabs on our Father In Law.

Whats the best practice here for the following -

How best to monitor 2 locations bearing in mind we don’t want him using the App.

How best to remove the sensors/hues we are taking with us so we can easily add them to the new hub.

Thanks! will be one thing you would likely use.

I think you will simply have two locations in your account. Try not to get them mixed up. For that reason alone, I’d probably try to create/have two accounts (because I would accidentally mix them up). But that would then mess up the app if you wanted to see both locations from one app. Which SmartTiles would handle. So choose your method, both will work with different capabilities.