Moving from SmartThings to HASS, anyone else?

(Ron) #1

Any SmartThings users transitioning to HASS?
I tried over 1 year ago but decided it was too difficult.
I have started trying again and so far it is going much more smoothly.
In fact I have my Fibaro Motion Sensor online on HASS in about 20min. I spent a few days trying to get it to work on Hubitat but couldn’t get it to work. So maybe HASS is the right move.

Anyone interested in sharing the process my Home Assistant community username is “smart” since Ron was already taken. See you there…

(Andrew Caudle) #2

Before you decided on HASS, did you look at Hubitat?

(Ron) #3

Yes, I even mentioned it in my first post. People are loving Hubitat but unfortunately I had a lot of issues with mine. I am still watching them, it seems like a nice platform

That said in about 4hrs effort on HASS I now have the following working
-Hue Lights installed Out of the box
-Apple TV installed Out of the box
-Googe Home Media player and speech capability autodetected
-Foscam camera with 4 lines of config (never got these to work on SmartThings
-Link to Amazon Alexa
-Z-Wave configured with 2 lines and a little shell command line effort
-fibaro motion sensor included 100% configurable in HASS
-ge dimmer switch included, configuration fully supported
-aeotec minimote included

It’s pretty rock solid.

(Eddy) #4

I actually already moved to hassio, i just like to use it just because of the wider variety of device that i am able to integrate.
However i still uses smarthings, especially webcore for rule creation.
From there, i get to trigger devices from my home assistant.

(Ron) #5

Interesting approach. So do you just have virtual devices on SmartThings for your rules that then trigger HASS? Are you integrating with MQTT?

(Eddy) #6

Yep for the most part, so instead of using hassio to control smarthings, i do it the opposite way (smarthings controlling hassio devices)

reason is because i freaking hate the way rules creation are done on home assistant.
Yes i know theres Node red and others but i believe webcore is the easiest to use

I have MQTT setup with smarthings, it works fine but i dont use it alot. Hence why im using webcore instead
I dont have all my smarthing devices on HASS