Movement sensor DOA - twice

Ordered an additional movement sensor yesterday from Currys online. Delivered to my local store today, went and got it and it’s doing nothing. Pulled the tab and it wasn’t picked up by the hub. Tried holding the connect button while inserting the battery (several times) and there’s never a light and no pairing, also swapped the battery with an existing known working movement sensor, no dice.
So took it back to the store and they ordered a replacement. Before leaving I checked and there was one on the shelf (the supervisor doing the exchange said he’d never seen them in the store…), so I came home with that one and its DOA as well (tried all the same things and yes it’s definitely not the first one again by mistake).
So looks like I’ll be going back again. Anyone else had this? Perhaps a bad batch in circulation.

Had multiple swapped in store myself buddy, I always thought the connector to the board was not touching the battery properly. Currys always nice enough about swapping.

Not just you. I ordered total of 5 ST motion sensors in various online and retail stores in US. 2 of them DOA on me.