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SmartThings on Android (Samsung A42)
Aeotec Smart Home Hub
Internet via Verizon Orbic MiFi
Kwikset 916 Zigbee lock

Lock works fine, I can lock it and unlock it via the phone app.

I’m having issues setting up user codes for the lock.
From the Samsung Smartthings app, when I try to set the user code via “Invite Guest” I get a “Something went wrong” message.

I tried setting up LockManager.io - went through all the instructions, got down to the entering keys, click save, then click next aaaaaand… nothing.

I noticed within the Smartthings developer workspace, there’s a message about "SmartThings is not able to verify the registration of the Webhook SmartApp. Please make sure your app is available and properly implemented and verify again. When I click the “Verify App Registration” link it says “Confirmation request sent to your SmartApp.” I’m guessing that means I should get a confirmation in the SmartThings on my Samsung A42, but no. Or maybe the LockManager.io website? Not there either.
I noticed there’s threads about a couple other lock managers out there, but they’re marked obsolete or deprecated.

Any help on getting the setting up user codes in the SmartThings app, or getting Lockmanager.io to work is much appreciated. My guess is that it’ll have to work within SmartThings first before it’ll work with LockManager.io

Thanks in advance!
Paul McKinley

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