Moved into a rental house, Looking for suggestions!

My wife and I have moved into a new house and looking for some cool suggestions.
What I have so far: SmartThings Hub, Roomba i7, Phillips hue w/ Hub, 5 Sonos speakers, and 2 echo’s.

There is an electric fireplace that I would like to control and found a device that physically moves the switch, since I do not want to change out any switches. I’d also like to get some motion sensors for bathroom lights at night, anyone have experience with the ST bulbs?

Also interested in what cameras have the best integration with ST?

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edited the title, it is for a house we are renting for the next 3-4 years.

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“cool” is one thing, “practical“ is another. :wink:

There’s a list in the community – created wiki of “projects to impress your friends“ that has a lot of very cool stuff on it. Everything from secret rooms to magic wands. You might get some good ideas from that, the community is very creative.

Start at the quick browse lists in the following links, go down to the bottom of that page for the “project reports” section, and there you will find both the “impress your friends” list and a “get started“ list which might also give you some ideas that are more practical.