Mounting directly on tv

I’m trying to cleanup the unreal nest of wires behind my tv. I’m cutting a section of pegboard I’m going to screw in to the wall mounting holes on the back of my tv. I want to mount my Apple TV, router, and Smartthings hub there since they are light and don’t need line of sight for a remote. Anybody see any issues mounting it there that close to the tv? It currently sits on top of my tv armoire.

Update with pic: I tried double sided tape and it didn’t hold. So I found this cheap basket at Lowes and used the tv mounting hole. It works fine. No signal issues for me.

Although they don’t need line of sight, you’re putting it right behind several inches of metal and electronics and maybe tinted glass. It’s not impossible that it will work, but they like clear air a whole lot better.

It will depend in part whether there is still a clear air connection sideways to any repeaters. Then you might be fine. Or even straight up through the ceiling to the next floor, if you have a floor above. But then you’re using up one hop, so adding local delay and reducing total range.

Also, if your router is also a Wi-Fi router, it’s best if your SmartThings hub is at least 3 m away from it. Otherwise the Wi-Fi can drown out the zigbee from the SmartThings hub. And right behind the TV you’re going to increase “chatter” somewhat because you’re going to have signals that bounce off the TV back to the wall back to the TV etc., slightly increasing local interference.

So would I put my SmartThings hub there? No.

Will it work if you put your hub there? Maybe. You can try it and see. :sunglasses:


There’s also the whole question of whether the back of the TV gets hot, but I assume you’ve already checked into that. That varies a lot from model to model, particularly the ones designed for wall mounting.

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Thanks, I’m not worried about heat, it’s wide open behind the tv. I may try it and see what happens, but I don’t really have anywhere else to put it that’s not at least behind the tv.

I should have mentioned we are getting rid of the armoire since we got a larger tv. I do have 2 zigbee bulbs in the same room, maybe 10 feet away. I’ll do my best to keep it as far from my router as possible.

You are fine mounting the apple tv back there and you may even be fine with the hub. But I would in no way put your router back there unless you are ok with losing range.