Motions sensor and plug automation

I am trying to make a plug turn off after a set duration of no motion after it turned on

This is a plug connected to a steamer, I want to ensure no one forgets the steamer on and I have a motion sensor in the room when no motion is detected for 10 minutes [AFTER] the plug has been turned on it should turn it off.

Attached an image of my current setup, the issue is it seems to count the 10 minutes not from the time the plug was turned off but from the last 10 minutes even before the plug was on so basically what’s happening is the plug gets turned on through voice command from another room hoping to pre-heat the steamer but because no one was in the room for the past 10+ minutes to turns off right away instead of the intended 10+ mins after the plug got turned on.

I hope someone can help with this.

Thank you!

Try to do the same with Smart Lighting. That is based on triggering events and not conditions to be met.

But if you think a bit more, this rule requires a far more complicated way of execution.

You want to turn off the your steamer if nobody is in the room for 10 minutes, so it wouldn’t be left unattended.
But you are trying to start it unattended. That requires a complex logic.

And have you considered what if your internet would go down at 9 minutes for 30 minutes? Smart Lighting might would run locally if the motion sensor and plug runs locally, but some rules cannot be made local with times delay.

(Have you checked how is the plug behaves on power outage as well? What is the state of it when the power comes back?)

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Webcore has the rule set flexibility to do what you need @GSzabados is correct the logic you need to do what you want is a bit more complicated that the logic you have above.

is the keyword :slight_smile: I’ve never used webcore I guess I’ll have to start ! I thought this is a simple automation that I could do through the app but I guess not.

Thank you both!