Motion triggered outlet light turn off with Xiaomi button sometimes requires extra press

I have the xioami motion sensor and button along with a wemo outlet to control the master bedroom light in the evening. I am using the smartlighting to turn on the light 30 min before sunset until 11p each day while in Home mode. I also control the light during the morning manually with a button press. The motion part works fine and when I go to bed early, I don’t want to move around and trigger the motion so I set the button to to switch the mode to night with the held button command.

My issue is that when I go to turn off the light with a single press after the long press (hold) to change the mode to night, I have to press the button twice to turn off the light. This same thing happens in the morning to turn on the light with the button.

Any ideas what my setup may be doing to require this double press. This only happens the first time I turn off or on. Any additional pushes not in the motion time window, all works as expected.

that’s a good one.

I have to press my minimote 3 times, to turn the the light on once.
Then usually 1-2 times to turn it off. Then 1-2 times to turn it on.

ok I’m the wrong guy to ask. I’ve given up on improving that. If I really want it to happen in one shot, then I ask Alexa.