Motion trigger delays

Hi All,

I’ve noticed that there has been a very noticeable delay in triggering events from motion recently - the problem is intermittent but effects 3 different sensor types I have: fibaro, smart things and hue (connected direct to ST). It impacts both turning on of hue bulbs as well as other devices like aeon switches and relays.

What’s the best way to debug this sort of issue?

On occasions it can take up to 10 seconds to trigger lights.

I’ve introduced more motion sensors recently but that’s about all. I have a mix of CORE and smart lighting rules.

Many thanks,


i do also have this core rule…perhaps this could be causing a performance hit?

Hi Robin,

Unfortunately, I had to separate the actions for every single light so I could check if it was on before setting the temperature, if I didn’t do this, setting the temperature seemed to turn on the light as well.

What I’m trying to achieve here is set the temperature of lights that are on. Do you know a more effective way to achieve this ?

The location events relate to times, I set the temperature depending on the time of day…

I do think it’s this piston that could be the route of my issues …