Motion & Temp Sensor

Does anyone know how the temp sensor decides when to log the temperature under recent activity?

It will depend on the specific brand and model. Some have parameters you can set to change the reporting period.

Most battery-powered sensors, however, work pretty much the same way and will only report if there is a change outside of their “Delta range”. This is to save battery life.

So the sensor sleeps most of the time, wakes up occasionally (for most sensors where temperature is an add-on feature this would be once an hour) and checks to see if the temperature has changed significantly since the last report.

If it has changed (many have a default Delta range of ± 4°F) then it reports the change and goes back to sleep.

If it’s still within the Delta from the last reading, it just goes back to sleep, no report.

But again, it varies by model, and by current parameter settings.

So I have the temp motion that comes in the startup kit

Is it correct based on your response that the unit will only log a new temp if the temp changes?


But it looks like the default delta is +/- one degree for that one. Here’s mine from the guestroom, so there’s typically no motion in there.

You can see it’s probably checking once an hour but only reporting if there was a change.