Motion sensors for porch light? (2019)

I love my Iris motion sensors. They report immediately. But! Iris is no longer and crooks are selling them on eBay for $70-$150

I need an outdoor sensor to trigger my porch light. Know of any good Zigbee sensors? I am not the biggest fan of Z-Wave right now.

see The community FAQ (the thread title is a clickable link). Everything there is still current with new models for 2019 updated starting in post 143.

To jump straight to the 2019 new models:

I got a couple which I am using with HomeKit and I am very happy with them, but I’m not trying to use them with smartthings.

Try hue outdoor sensor works great

How is it connected to your hub? Through the hue hub or directly with Zigbee?

SmartThings hub and


Nice! I guess I’ll add it to my Amazon shopping list. Thanks for the answers.

@JDRoberts Thank you as well.

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I am using a cheap Xiaomi Mijia Motion Sensor outside to trigger dog barking on echo devices when away. Still showing 100% battery after being up for a couple of months; has been cold but it does not get wet as it is mounted in a corner above a garage door. If anything it is too sensitive and there’s no way to adjust the sensing distance.

@RICHARDNIEVES21 - A quick question, this app you’re using, what is that? It isn’t SmartThings hub, is it, as mine (on phone) looks different.

Also, you mention;

How do I put that code (from GitHub) onto my SmartThings v3 Hub? Apologies if it’s a strange question, still learning.

EDIT: I’ve come across this page - reading into it further - assume I need to create GitHub account and try figuring it out;
FAQ: Github Integration How to Add and Update from Repositories

It’s a ipad Copy and pasting code into the IDE

Device handler stead of smart app

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Cool…!! :slight_smile:

What are the options you can configure with this DH…? A quick look at the code gives me:

// Motion
// Battery
// Luminance
// Temperature (Does it really report temp and if so - how often? Or only when motion is detected like the Xiaomi’s does with Lux)

Is there any way of setting sensitivity…?

5 minutes temp if changed it

Hi, I really want to use a Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor in ST, for light level measurements, but I cannot really get it to work. I have added the Device Handler, disconnected the sensor from the Hue bridge, and the (Classic) Smart App finds the sensor, but it gets first added just as a Thing. When editing in the IDE page, I change the type to Hue Motion Sensor, but when clicking Update, it just gets stuck and cannot finish the operation. Logging in again, the sensor is still listed as 2015 Samsung TV and can of course not get any sensor readings.

What I am doing wrong_

Update to my own post, did exactly the same thing from my iPad Safari instead of Mac, then it worked!

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Maybe a stupid question - does the Hue outdoor motion sensor ONLY work with ST v3 hub? I have a V2 hub as well as the ADT ST hub - am I correct I cannot use it?