Motion sensor stopped working

I have two Philio PSM02 multisensory devices.

The other night I got a false motion alert on one of the devices. Since then I have not gotten any motion events from the device. The other device is working perfectly.

I tried to exclude the device, remove the battery, and include the device again, but this didn’t help. I also created a new device type (just a copy of the original) and assigned this to the device, but this didn’t help either.

All other sensors (temperature, etc) still work as advertised.

Who should I blame? Philio, SmartThings, or myself?

ADT may be for charging 50$ a month. :wink:

Since you have one that is working, I would not assume that ST is the issue, rather that the device itself failed. Still, before you go that route, I would suggest working with ST support just to assure that the device has been correctly removed from the network and re-added.