Motion sensor stopped sensing

I have been using the motion sensor that came with my starter kit in my storage unit on the first floor of my apartment building. The storage units get broken in to once a month. the Smartthings system has work flawlessly up until now. I have it turn all my light on in my house, and 2 light are the HUE so they turn red. I also us the app IT. I have that call me and my wife and text me. Does anyone know how to fix the sensor? Or can I get an extender?

Bummer. :weary: talk to and they should be able to help you figure out what’s going on. Do you have it plugged in or is it operating on battery?

I get that from time to time with my ST motion sensors. If taking out the battery does not work, I usually have to go to Hub utilities and do a z-wave exclude, then re-include the device all over again. Make sure your batteries are still good.

Thank you, and its on a battery which is at 88% I have no power outlets near my storage.

Replace the batteries anyhow. Generally works for me.

I’ve had luck simply removing the battery and reinserting it.

What method did you use to set up the event? Was it a Hello Home Action, custom smartapp, a lights and switches group, or something else?