Motion sensor Smartthings stop working

(Raf) #1

Hello all,

From yesterday around 8pm all my motion sensors smart things stop working, no motion detection any more , fibaro motion sensor working properly.

Do you have similar issues?

(John) #2

Sometimes they get stuck. Pull the battery and re-insert. Usually works for me.

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(Raf) #3

Thank you for tip,check this evening and let you know work or not , any way its annoying one day working ok other not

(Raf) #4

working , thanks for help

(Community Journeyman) #5

yep… thanks this worked for me too.

(might be my fake name?) #6

I had a smartthings motion sensor stop working on me yesterday. To correct the problem, I simply pushed on it. On the outside cover. That must have been enough “jarring” to get it working again. Its fine now. Weird.

(Ben W) #7

I had 3 get in a lock state yesterday. Battery pull fixed 2.

1 I get, but 3 on the same day is weird.

(Võ Thanh Minh) #8

I I solved the my problem. Reason: Due to the frequency of my Access Point and Modem Wifi I’ve done as follows: ~ Channel: 1 ~ Mode: 11n only ~ Bankwidth: 40Mhz.