Motion sensor reports motion when no one is moving. Should I call a priest?

(Joe) #1

It seems like every so often my motion sensor reports motion when no one is in the kitchen. This usually happens early in the morning and the event triggers my lights to turn on. Anyone else having this problem, or should I pack up the family and move?


If the entity hasn’t caused any trouble then don’t worry about it.


If you are using this as a security device, you should have a multi sensor zone and use this app to trigger only when all sensors are active. This is not for everyone, since you may not want to get secondary motion device for your kitchen.


You need to contact those guys from that paranormal activities show — they seem to be in need of better equipment. Maybe even recommend ST to them :wink:


Does it happen at about approximately same general time?

(Joe) #6

It’s usually 1:00 am - 4:00 am according to the history and it’s not every night. I just happen to notice it when I am having problems sleeping and I am downstairs trying to shut my mind off. I’ll be laying on the couch in complete darkness and the kitchen lights come on.


Is there anything in that general area where heat moves? That would be the first thing I’d figure out, or try to anyway.


The entity doesn’t want you sitting alone in complete darkness. It’s trying to be helpful.


Since the hub update, several community members (including me) have reported new false positive on motion and multi sensors:


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Thanks!! I was kind of hoping it was supernatural, but at least I don’t have to move now.

(Chick Webb) #11

Mos def. Better get an angry one, at that. :slight_smile:

(Joe) #12

Yeah. There’s nothing that could move around this sensor. Looks like it’s a known issue. JDRoberts supplied some links. :slight_smile:


BTW, we’ve added a new “first reports” page to the known issues section of the community – created wiki. It’s intended just for a quick description and a link back to a forum discussion topic. So it should be a fast place to check and see if anyone else has reported a similar problem recently. First Reports are filed by month. :sunglasses:

(Joe) #14

oooo… Shiny! Thanks!

I was kind of also using the problem as a way to be funny. Can we add a “Satire” or “Comedy” link to the wiki also. :slight_smile:

(Dan P Parker) #15

Sounds like a potential level 3 poltergeist:

Who you gonna’ call?


Ghost-busters III

@Less than 20 char.