Motion Sensor Only Works With the Cover Off

I just got my first SmartThings kit yesterday. The hub set up was real easy. I got the motion sensor working only after taking off the cover. Then I noticed it stopped sensing movement. I took the cover off again to check the battery and it worked again. A couple of more iterations verified that it only works with the cover off. Does this sound like it’s defectvie?

I then placed it on my fireplace mantel facing the door into the kitchen and the windows on the opposite wall. When I woke in the morning, I saw that it had gone off a couple of times in the middle of the night. I don’t have pets. Could it have detected movement in my back yard which is outside the windows? It’s about 25 feet to the windows.

Yes, it sounds like a defective device where the battery is knocked off alignment when the cover is closed.

Contact for help.

I’ve had this happen with 3 different ones upto now. Replaced them all and no problems since.

The unit has been working fine for four days. This morning, I retested the problem and it reoccured. Then I tried putting on the base plate as well as the cover and it worked. The pressure of the base plate must counter act the pressure of the cover. That is one very sensitive circuit board.


I just heard back from tech support. They offered to replace the unit.

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I had the Same Problem Cover off it works great, Cover on and it shows Motion Detected all the time. Before you call for support try this to fix the problem.

  1. Remove the cover
  2. Look at the Preformed Holes in the plastic cover. When you line up the cover with the sensor, you will see several of these a line with the battery. And they are to long. Which when you install the cover and you hear it “Snap” into place it pushes down on the battery and causes the sensor to read “Motion Detected”.
  3. Here is the 5 min fix… get out a knife or what ever works for you and shave down the tabs that only line up with the battery… It looks like only a few of the smaller holes are to long. Trim them down a little. Try putting the cover on and testing it to see if you have trimmed enough out.
  4. Install your Working Sensor :slight_smile:

I’m hoping Samsung Support reads this and does 2 things. 1- notify the engineering team and modify the molds for this cover. 2- Send me a couple of free outlets for helping them out.
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Thank you Czar. Your solution worked well for me on two sensors that were driving me crazy!

Thanks for your help.