Motion Sensor Madness Resolved

(Mark) #1

I have a motion sensor mounted to the ceiling of my covered front porch. The porch is also mostly closed on three sides. For several months, the sensor has been working fine. Yesterday the sensor started going off every few minutes. I would check the porch and nothing was there. Finally, the sensor went off while I was just inside my front door. I quickly swung the door open and … nothing was there. In frustration, I looked up at the misbehaving sensor and saw a spider crawling across. Problem solved!

(Bob) #2

:joy: :grin::joy:

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #3

Actually… Problem just diagnosed!

How are you/we going to keep spider(s) from trespassing on sensors?


A high speed blower activated by the motion sensor!

Edit: On second thought, it might never turn off…

(Jimmy) #5

:joy: I’m having the same problem with my porch camera recording a bird that likes to come hang by its power wire and shit everywhere :rage: