Motion Sensor keeps knocking out GE Link bulbs

(Chris Vargas) #1

A few months ago I bought a SmartThings Motion Sensor and had it control a GE Link bulb that’s in a lamp.

After a while (a few weeks?) I came downstairs one morning expecting the light to turn on–but it had never turned off. It was on overnight, and it could not be turned off via the SmartThings app directly.

I reset the bulb (doing the turn-on turn-off 5 times thing), and I think I could control it OK on its own, but once I tried reconnecting it to respond to the motion sensor, it quickly became “stuck” again.

Thinking maybe it was a bum bulb, a few weeks ago I bought another GE Link bulb, added it to the network, and connected it to the motion sensor.

This morning… same deal. Light was on all night, and it no longer responded to turning it off directly with the app.

Questions at this point include:

  • Has anyone else seen this?
  • Is there any way to get these two working together?
  • Should I stop doing this and messing up bulbs?
  • Any ideas WHY this would be happening?

Thanks for any and all help, and apologies if I’ve posted to the wrong section–first post.

(Greg) #2

I have 4 GE links. But one of them gets stuck on as you described. If I turn the bulb off at the switch for a few minutes, then turn it back on, it syncs itself back up to ST without having to reset it.

In my opinion it is not a range issue because the trouble bulb is a few inches from a good bulb. I think it is just a bulb issue.

(Edward Pope) #3

I have had two GE Link bulbs do this same thing. Close to hub as well. They are sensitive to heat, so you need to make sure that they are not an in enclosed area. Meaning a light fixture without proper ventilation. This turned out to be my problem. Cree are better about this, but I still hear that they are somewhat finicky when it comes to heat