Motion sensor issues


I recieved my starter kit last week and setup a routine that would tell us when the dog had returned in from the garden so we knew when to get up and shut the back door. All was working fine during testing but when the moment came for the dog to go out nothing happened. I checked the motion sensor and it had stopped detecting motion. Removed and replaced the battery and it worked again. Its since done this up to twice a day since.

A quick search brings up similar posts from users who have the same issue even after getting the unit replaced.

I removed the unit and changed the device handler so it is processed locally but still stops working. Battery level and temp is fine

Is there a fix that anyone knows of or has a replacement worked for you? This is the main reason for me to have ST so if this dosent work its going back!

Those are signal quality issues you’re typically describing. Either it’s too far away or suffering from interference so it’s dropping off. There are quite a few posts in the forum giving advice regarding avoiding interference with WiFi and placement etc.