Motion Sensor is a Door

I have been using zwave for about 5 years and mostly with homeseer. I recently switched to Smartthings and I have a couple of motion sensor that get registered as an open/close vs. Motion/no motion. It’s annoying because the behavior of some of the routines don’t have delays enabled for all sensors. Am I screwed and need to buy new sensors?

Thanks in advance!

Give this a try.

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You can log into the IDE and change over the DTH (Device Type Handler) for those items.


@diehllane’s suggestion should help but there is more than one site to login to the IDE, depending on which shard your account is on. You can login to “wrong” shard, but you won’t see your devices.


This is known behavior for some specific Brands and models. It will happen with any zwave controller that is paired with that device unless the controller company has made a specific device type handler for that model.

You usually have two choices with SmartThings. First, you could probably just change it and assign it to a different device type handler of the correct device class.

Second, there may be a community created device type handler for that specific brand and model which solves the problem. For example, Zooz sensors do this and there is a DTH for them.

The universal device type handler is really cool, but it’s not really for this purpose, and it may not work well for it. For example, if you have a motion sensor reporting as open/close to the hub, you’re not going to get an inactivity report from it if you use the universal device type handler. You need to change to a device type handler which does recognize what the device is actually doing.

The universal device type handler is great for those situations where you have, say, an open/close device and you want it to count in a zone of multiple “motion” sensors. But it doesn’t solve the problem of the device being misidentified, which is what you’ve run into.

So… brand and model of the sensors that are misidentified?



Not only will this help me fix the device, but better way to manage the whole system. I have over 50 devices and the last thing I want to do is program it all with a phone…

This also helped me delete a problem child device also, so thank you again!!!

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