Motion sensor directly to raspberry pi

Hi everyone,
I already have a pi controlling some LED strips at home (via web interface etc.)

I thought about building a wireless motion sensor to trigger the lighting but have been looking at SmartThings - things… which would look way better sitting around my home than a DIY PCB or project box etc…

Is it possible to get the ‘things’ (motion sensor) to send a signal directly to a Zigbee (Xbee) enabled raspberry pi? without the SmartThings hub?

I don’t want anything more complicated that that. Im just after a ready made (nicely designed) wireless motion sensor i can sit on my window sill and send signals to my existing setup (pi).

Many thanks


The motion detector will have to be bound to your raspberry Pi’s ZigBee radio. After that it should start sending reports to your Pi’s ZigBee radio. To do this you will need to send the motion detector a ZDO bind command. But before you do that you have to make sure both devices are joined to the same ZigBee network and can communicate with each other.

Thanks John - this help. Enough that I can purchase one and try it out :smile:

Keep in mind that Zigbee sensors use HA profile. Digi XBee modules do not. You can sort of make them work as HA end devices, but they lack certain features to act as HA coordinator. You can buy cheap 433 MHz motion sensors on eBay and hook up 433 MHz receiver to RPi, all for less than $10.


Lee, the process of binding two ZigBee devices is pretty tricky stuff even if they are not connected to SmartThings. SmartThings makes it easy to bind devices to the hub. If you take SmartThings out of the picture your world just got very complicated. Your going to have to re create a ZigBee HA network for the two devices to join. That is going to require one of your devices to be a ZigBee coordinator. An xBee SMT can do this but you have a lot of work to do to get it setup correctly. Just want you to know your taking on a big project much more than you may think. I would take another look at $99 for a SmartThings hub. It buys you so much your device now is connected to the world.

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I agree with geko in that if all you want is motion detection there would be a easier way then trying to recreate a ZigBee HA network from scratch.

@geko a Digi xBee ZB SMT module can be a ZigBee coordinator for the public Home Automation profile. Your correct that their standard XBee modules do not even talk ZigBee just 802.15.4 point to point. So if that is what Lee has, good catch, it wont work at all.


Ok then, it makes sense to go the 433 route since I already ordered a 433 transmitter/receiver module to allow me to control some remote controlled wall socket (adapters) by simulating the signal the remote would normally transmit. I’d like to set timers for lamps to switch on (in synch) and control the config from a web page or a small android App.

I know this isn’t the correct forum but any good resources/tutorials for this? im fuzzy on how i find the correct signal being transmitted from my new eBay motion sensor :smile:

Thanks again

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