Motion Sensor and Away Status

Recently reactivated my original Smart Things motion sensor.

I have setup the sensor to send notice of motion, only when the hub is in the Away mode.

However, the sensor is sending notifications all the day, including when in the home or Night mode.

Is there a step that I missed?


Without seeing an image of what you have done, it’s hard to say.
If you are happy to post it, please do then the peeps on here can advise. :slight_smile:

As Bobbles stated, without seeing how you configured this, it’s hard to depict.

Did you setup your own routine to do this or are you monitoring all of your motion sensors through SHM? If you setup your own routine, that’s one thing, but if the SHM is configured in one of your profiles ie Security and it’s monitoring ALL Motion Sensors by default, whether occupied or home, this could cause you those additional notifications that you don’t want happening.

Thanks to all…it’s difficult to get screenshots on my phone, will get
some from my tablet later today.

However, the notification routine is a stand alone one that I
configured…not part of Smart Home Monitor

Doug Drake

Correction, while I never set it up, and SHM shows disarmed, it appears
that it was monitoring my motion detector…

Have disabled the motion detector in SMH, will see if that resolves my


Doug Drake